Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going Off Script On Line

It's one of the frustrating ironies I can't help continuing to marvel at -- that the more projects I commit to, the less time I have to promote them. Which is my artful way of observing that I'm buried in creative work, which is why I haven't been advertising much of any of it in this space.

One thing I have been spending a lot of time on, though, is promoting my upcoming shows -- which means that I currently have plenty, no, seriously, *plenty* of work online right now. Sorted from shortest to longest:

Trailer for "The Concept of Anxiety"
LENGTH: 00:01:40
DESCRIPTION: Hey, look! A trailer for the upcoming Missouri/Minnesota Fringe show that I'm producing/writing/directing/performing!

TITLE: Rockstar Storytellers at CONvergence 2013
LENGTH: 00:05:00
DESCRIPTION: So, hey, this happened. A very polite, articulate gentleman thrust a camera into my face, and I proceeded to be both very impolite and very inarticulate.

TITLE: Twin Cities Theater Connection
LENGTH: 00:23:12
DESCRIPTION: The ever-articulate Joshua Humphrey pulled me aside to grill me about all four of my Fringe Festival shows.

TITLE: Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw
LENGTH: 00:34:37
DESCRIPTION: A podcast that I appeared on with my frequent writing/performing partner Ben San Del, in which I grow progressively more militant towards the audience.
TITLE: Minnesota Fringe Festival Twentieth Anniversary Webcast Interview Series
LENGTH: approximately 01:57:00
DESCRIPTION: A series of interviews that I performed with a measurable number of people with immeasurably more skill, talent, and dedication. These were a real honor to do.

TITLE: Apropos of Nothing
LENGTH: 02:28:00
DESCRIPTION: If you've ever wanted to hear me scream drunkenly at a panel of nerds about mortality, Superman, and video games, this is the answer to your bizarrely specific wish.

Check it out now, funk soul brother. Right about now, funk soul brother.